For more than ten years, we have supplied the dietary supplement industry with some of the finest rainforest herbs and extracts in the market. We are please to offer you the finest maca extract in the world: MACA FORTE®.

MACA FORTE® is the original 0.6% glucosinolates extract. We developed it more than 6 years ago. It has been copied by many but its quality has never been surpassed.

• MACA FORTE® is manufactured with a NON-GMO carrier.
• MACA FORTE® is Certified Organic.  
• MACA FORTE® is 100% traceable to the specific Andean community where the plant material was
..harvested from.  
• MACA FORTE® is packed in one kilo bags to assure freshness and shelf life.
• MACA FORTE® is custom manufactured per order assuring maximum potency and shelf life at time of  
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